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CB Power and Industrial is a multi-disciplinary power and industrial equipment supply company with roots in manufacturing of customer heavy duty fans for power, mining, and industrial applications such as steel making for the petro-chemical industry. Since starting CB Power in 2003, the owners have piloted the company to refine their focus on integrating technology from various manufacturers.

This allows the company to deliver custom designed equipment for steel, mining, petrochemical and cement processes as well as steam and electrical power generation for industrial plants.

CB Power has also expanded into power generation through Buffalo Energy Systems and Genertek Power Industries. We offer steam turbines from 5kW-30MW in addition to stationary and portable generators up to 4400kW.


Technical Expertise

With over 75 years of engineering experience CB Power has seen almost everything that is in a plant environment.

We know the main issues around maintainability and reliability. We understand how systems work including your central stores system. We look at all projects in the holistic fashion. We will not force a square peg into a round hole.

Project Management

Whatever equipment you choose, you can be certain that CB Power will project manage in order to deliver on time and incorporate any changes along the way.

Project management is a key component of purchasing any equipment so don’t take any chances. Next time you need power or industrial process equipment count on CB Power to deliver.


You can rely on CB Power’s engineers to assist in troubleshooting your problem equipment. We diagnose issues such as cavitation, excessive wear, lower than expected performance of an existing piece of equipment, or repeated bearing failures.

CB Power has the knowledge and experience to get to the heart of the problem.

Preliminary Design

When it comes to discussing projects such as back of the meter power generation, you can count on CB Power to assist in developing the conceptual and preliminary design along with your in house engineering team.

One piece of equipment can’t do it all. There are always trade-offs. CB Power knows how to correctly weigh the benefits and features to maximize your desired goal.

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